ProtoKinetics develops gait analysis systems for use in research, education, hospitals, and clinics. PKMAS Software and Zeno Walkway provide scientifically valid and clinically relevant metrics for a variety of gait and balance assessments that are utilized throughout the healthcare industry. This best-in-class gait analysis system is an optimal platform for collecting and analyzing temporal, spatial and pressure data along with the unique metric; Symmetry of Propulsion. In correspondence with gait and function, ProtoKinetics also promotes improving and understanding mobility through the distribution of the Mobilaser assistive device and the Cometa EMG system. 

Since establishing the company in 2012, ProtoKinetics has provided mobility equipment to top academic, government, and private institutions including rehabilitation hospitals, Veterans Affairs healthcare facilities, universities, physical therapy clinics, and orthotic-prosthetic centers.
Gait Analysis and EMG are used to better understand and treat a variety of diseases and conditions revolving around geriatrics, prosthetics, neurology, pediatrics, orthopaedics, and orthotics. 

ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway, PKMAS, and Cometa EMG reveal valuable metrics during client evaluation, tracking patient progress, research, and education. Whether defining the single support time in individuals post-CVA, comparing left and right muscle contractions in people with muscular dystrophy, or tracking step length progress in patients displaying balance impairment, ProtoKinetics has the equipment for you.  (web training,support, and product demonstration)