The Wave Wireless EMG System


The Wave Wireless EMG System

The Wave Wireless EMG system optimizes wireless technology: artifact reduction, comfort, 10-12 hour constant-use battery, recharging station, no reference electrodes required, digital and analog output.

The Wave Plus EMG system includes the traditional Wave Wireless EMG probes, but also incorporates tri-axial accelerometers, real time output, and an exclusive impedance check for best-available quality signals. Wave Plus systems are available in 8, 16, or 32 channels for EMG, 16 tri-axial accelerometers, 2 Footswitches. Add on-board memory or waterproof probes to any system.

The Wave Wireless EMG used in combination with the ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkway and PKMAS Movement Analysis Software is an incredible combination. (See image.)

Wave Plus EMG

Wireless meets the accelerometers.

Wave Wireless EMG

The first wireless surface EMG
in the world.

Mini Wave

Seven grams,
ten hours of battery life,
no compromises.

EMG Mate

Your rehabilitation companion,
at an affordable price.

Cometa Wave EMG Technical Files

          Wave EMG Brochure

          Wave Plus Brochure (PDF)

Cometa Wave EMG Components

Wave Charging Case, Electrodes, Full Contents

Exclusive Battery Self-Replacement System