The Mobilaser presents a visual cue during gait for individuals with Parkinsonism. The Mobilaser easily attaches to a walker, cane or wheelchair and emits a red laser line on the floor subject to the distance of the user’s normal stride. This technology eliminates shuffling and freezing of gait. Pair your ProtoKinetics Gait Analysis System with the Mobilaser to quantify your patient’s progress!

What Mobilaser Customers say …

… Having been a Mobilaser user for four years now, I can Honestly say its changed my life!

W. Puckett


… When your loved one has Parkinson’s, you’re always looking for ways to better their life. The Mobilaser helps my husband a lot and makes my life easier as well… With the first use of the device, [he] walked with such ease, I could hardly control my excitement!

J. Brill

New Jersey

Product Details:

  • Mounting bracket facilitates attachment to any walker, cane, or wheelchair
  • Swivel-mount for fine adjustments of laser to individualize trajectory of visual-cue to normal stride
  • Type 3A, 635 nanometer laser
  • Battery pack enclosing two AA alkaline batteries

Mobilaser with Mounting Bracket for any walker or cane for $405.00USD. Purchasing option: enhancement glasses for better visualization of laser in sunlight for an additional $20.00.

ProtoKinetics Mobilaser assistance fund
helps to reduce the cost for individuals in need.

Mobilaser Files

Product Image

Using the Mobilaser on a Walker

Using the Mobilaser on a Cane

Technical Documents

Mobilaser User Guide