ProtoKinetics Partner Products

We are proud to partner with the following companies and products.

AposTherapy Shoes

The AposTherapy biomechanical device works to retrain muscles around the knee by adjusting the center of pressure as you walk. By changing the foot’s point of contact with the ground, the device shifts the line of force closer to the center of the knee. By restoring alignment and improving gait patterns, AposTherapy can help you live better with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee.


Cometa EMG Wave

A pioneer in the wireless EMG market since 2005-2006, Wave was the first commercial wireless EMG system with several innovative features including the absence of reference electrode, a proprietary wireless protocol and inductive recharge.

The Wave Plus EMG system includes the traditional Wave Wireless EMG probes, but also incorporates tri-axial accelerometers, real time output, and an exclusive impedance check for best-available quality signals.



The Mobilaser presents a visual cue during gait for individuals with Parkinsonism which eliminates shuffling and freezing of gait. Pair your ProtoKinetics Gait Analysis System with the Mobilaser to quantify your patient’s progress! The Mobilaser easily attaches to a walker, cane or wheelchair and emits a red laser line on the floor subject to the distance of the user’s normal stride.