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ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software (PKMAS)

The Zeno Walkway powered by ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software (PKMAS) have the following unique features not found in other products:

The Zeno walkway utilizes a linoleum top cover to protect the electronics and sensors; the flat testing surface can be used to assess walkers, canes, etc.

The walkway is used to assess variability measures; to capture the granular footfall data, routinely referenced in the scientific literature: running, hopping, pivot turns, TUG, 10’ walk, 25’ MS walk, 6 minute walk test

PKMAS Software

PKMAS Software is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, gait assessment software available today: Several unique variables will allow an AposTherapy Partner to quantify gait, gait initiation, stepping in place and postural instability in novel, distinctive ways:

Center of Mass estimated (COMe) is instantly computed – no other product can calculate this measurement as easily COMe normally requires equipment in excess of $100,000, and requires elaborate setup and marker placement on the subject. The clinical use of COMe can now be implemented; time is money and clinicians cannot take 20-30 minutes to set up a subject in clinical practice. Control of the center of mass is integral to proper walking and balance; when compromised, this leads to falls and decreased mobility.

Cyclogram – Symmetry of Propulsion (SoP) – this measurement is unique to PKMAS
Illustrates the relationship between single leg support (one leg on the ground by itself) and double leg support (both feet on the ground). Normal performance looks like an hour glass, stroke gait, Cerebral Palsy gait, orthopedic injuries and many other abnormal gaits present a very asymmetric pattern. Single leg COP and Stance COP offer tremendous insight into the autonomic yet complex task of walking, in a way that an AposTherapy Partner can readily understand and convey to their client.

Balance tests and postural control can also be measured: Romberg, LOS, Tandem stance, Sit to stand, Single leg stance.


Versatile. Reliable. Valid. Superior.

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The Zeno Walkway

… where Concealed Electronics,
Sloped Edges,
a Secure Frame,
Convertible Configurations,
and Customizable Design
provides the platform
to capture
Gait Initiation,
and Assistive Devices

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The Zeno Walkway can be setup in any clinic, hospital, classroom, gait or biomechanics laboratory. The system is made of three separate layers: protective base, pressure sensor, and the customizable protective top. The walkway can be rolled out in under five minutes and is durable enough to permanently leave setup in the clinic or lab.

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The AposTherapy Biomechanical Device

The AposTherapy biomechanical device works to retrain muscles around the knee by adjusting the center of pressure as you walk. By changing the foot’s point of contact with the ground, the device shifts the line of force closer to the center of the knee. By restoring alignment and improving gait patterns, AposTherapy can help you live better with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee.

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