PKMAS - ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software

The Gold Standard in Gait Analysis Software

PKMAS – ProtoKinetics Movement Analysis Software

ProtoKinetics PKMAS software effortlessly outputs temporal, spatial and pressure measures for a wide variety of static and dynamic assessments. Use PKMAS for recording and analyzing balance, gait initiation, straight-away walking, gait with anomalies, running, jumping, and turning.

PKMAS Software Functions

PKMAS proprietary software functions with the ProtoKinetics Zeno Walkways as well as with the Platinum Plus GAITRite™ carpets. The PKMAS system facilitates data collection and analysis for static and dynamic balance and gait tests on these electronic walkways. After data collection, easily review the collected data and videos, alongside custom visuals and temporal, spatial, and pressure values.

PKMAS Software Measurements

PKMAS measurements include, but are not limited to: instantaneous COP, integrated pressure, COMe, step/stride length, swing/stance time, velocity, toe in/out, cadence, and path efficiency. Statistical data for the gait measurements include sample size, mean, left/right ratios, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation. PKMAS data, subject and trial details, raw walkway data, and PKMAS calculations, can be easily exported to text or Excel spreadsheet.


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“Objective gait data can demonstrate a clinical significance where patient reports, observation and exams mark no change. Quantitative measurements identify significant improvements in gait and function. This computerized non-invasive gait technology allows us to care for patients more effectively and open the door to additional treatment options.”

– Dr. Mark Gudesblatt, M.D.

… Collect objective measures from individuals with gait anomalies due to aging, movement disorders, brain injury, joint replacements, prosthetics …

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… prove that lower extremity strengthening, bracing and gait training impact functional outcomes …

compare variables to evaluate symmetry, monitor patient progress, and provide metrics for billing …

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PKMAS Software Measures Include:


Heel, Toe, COP, COMe


Contact Time, Pressure, Length, Width, Area, Angle, Toe In/Out Angle

Step and Stride:

Step Length, Stride Length, Step Time, Stride Time, Stride Velocity

Gait Phase:

Gait Cycle Time, Stance, Swing, Single Support, Double Support


COP Path Length, COP Path Efficiency, COMe Path Length, COMe Path Efficiency


COP Velocity, Max COP Velocity, COP Velocity Standard Deviation, COMe Velocity, Max COMe Velocity, COMe Velocity Standard Deviation

Test Metrics:

Ambulation Time, Cadence, Velocity

PKMAS Software Supported Tests Include:


Single pass, multi-pass, gait initiation, dual tasking, assistive device use, timed up and go (TUG).


Quiet standing, eyes closed, tandem stance.

Other Dynamic:

Fakuda, four-square step test, turning, hopping, sit to stand, jump-squat, running.

PKMAS Software Example Videos

PKMAS Software Overview (video)

A normal client with no gait or balance issues on a Zeno walkway using PKMAS software for data visualization.

Client with Parkinson’s Disease Turning (video)

GAITRite walkway data being visualized and analyzed with PKMAS software.

Client without Gait Anomalies Turning (video)

Zeno walkway data being visualized and analyzed with PKMAS software.

Compare this normal gait with the Parkinson’s gait data just above.

Eyes Opened/Eyes Closed/Tandem Stance/Fukuda Step Test (video)

Double Amputee – Four Square Step Test (video)

GAITRite™ data visualized and analyzed with PKMAS software.

Figure Eight Test (video)

Zeno 4′ x 14′ walkway data being visualized and analyzed by PKMAS software.

Freezing of Gait – Parkinson’s Disease (video)

Walking down a GAITRite walkway with a walker. GAITRite data visualized with PKMAS software.

TUG – Timed Up and Go Test (video)

Using a 4′ x 14′ Zeno walkway with PKMAS software.

Walking with and without Walkaide by Innovative Neurotronics (video)

Using the GAITRite™ walkway data analyzed with PKMAS software.

Gymnastics on the Zeno using PKMAS (video only – no audio)

Watch as an amateur gymnast does various maneuvers on a Zeno walkway. First he does a handstand followed by walking while in the handstand, then a forward handspring, a cartwheel, a back roll, and a stationary jump (both normal and half speed playback).  The PKMAS software shows every point of contact while tracking the COP and COMe data from the Zeno walkway.


*Center of Pressure (COP), Center of Mass estimated (COMe)

*GAITRite Walkway and GAITRite Software are registered trademarks of CIR Systems, Inc.

ProtoKinetics is not affiliated with CIR, the maker of the GAITRite™ System, however the PKMAS software can import and analyze GAITRite™ data files.